Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long Board Finished... not really...

I couldn't wait to get the board into a usable state, So I hacked together a wooden board from 3/4" plywood. I threw on some old skateboard trucks at first in order to see if the shape was what I wanted. I finished the remaining parts for the trucks. All of the pieces came together nicely and looked really clean.

Sadly I couldn't decide how to make the rubber bushings cleanly... As with all of my kludges I turned to my favorite tool in the shop: the 3 TON ARBOR PRESS!!!!!!!!
I had a 1/4" thick sheet of rubber, but I needed to cut somewhat clean circles out of it. I figured scissors couldn't do the job, so I looked around for somewhat sharp tubing. I couldn't find any so I turned to the next best thing... socket sets. The socket heads were round on the bottom so they can't cut you. Normally I wouldn't expect them to cut through a sheet of rubber, but 3 tons is enough force to cut nearly anything. The socket sets cut the rubber like it was butter.
The rubber was too soft.......
I succumbed to speed wobble and became a road pizza..... (there's no need for a picture of my leg... I'm pretty sure I'll have a large scar to remember the test of this long board.) I added more rubber to make the trucks tighter, but they're still alot looser than I hoped they would be. I guess I'll just have to learn how to ride better.

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