Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Light Saber - New Project

I have to stop coming up with projects...
Anyways. This one is more of a machining exercise than a design project. I wanted to test some new tooling and machining techniques on the CNC lathe at school. This is the first real project I'll have tackled on a CNC lathe before, so this should be a great adventure.

The idea for the light saber is that it has to feel as "real" as possible. (Yes I know real and light saber contradict each other, but I wanted to make something Obi-Wan might pickup by accident.

I tried to keep the center of gravity on the hilt. That way it might behave as if the blade were made of light. Since I didn't even attempt to invent something that actually performs like a light saber I figured polycarbonate tubing would be adequate for the blade. This way I can actually hit things and the blade probably won't shatter. I threw in some gears at the top because I thought it looked cool and I have some leftover stock from machining a few parts for someone. The "power source" will remain a secret until I verify it works.