Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prototype Transmission Finished

Aside from cutting the gears the rest of the transmission came out really fast. The gear bore's had to be finished. Some gears got keyed, while others had a pattern milled into them for the shifter. I went with a tripple key because these transmissions are thrashed around from forward to reverse under high loads. Eventually a single key loosens up and falls out. I used 3 keys instead of 2 just because I like the symmetry better. If you've seen a double key before, you know it looks awkward.

 I needed to use snap rings on the output axle of the transmission. Sadly I didn't have a proper grooving tool, so I just used a threading lathe bit. The snap rings seem to hold in place just fine. They'll work for this application but not for high side loads.
With the gears, axles, and plates done I just needed to finish the standoffs. I used tubing so all I had to do was cut them to length with the cutoff tool on the lathe.
With all of the parts finished I just had to assemble the transmission.

 Every project needs the arbor press. The gears had a 0.001" press fit along with the triple keys. I figured this would be pretty much indestructible.

The final product looks pretty clean. I'll test it in the next few weeks. Hopefully it performs the way it looks!

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