Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prototype Transmission

I wanted to come up with a new shifting transmission for my high school's robotics team. The transmission's became my little project every year, and I wanted to see how compact I could make the transmission. My only limiting criteria was that I could make every part. The older 2 speed transmissions required plates larger than my CNC's table travel. My intent was to shrink the entire transmission so the plates could be made on my CNC. This was a lot more of a challenge than I had expected. I came up with the smallest possible configuration possible that produced the gear ratios required for the robot. After that I designed the transmission within a few hours in SolidWorks.
I made blanks for the axles and gears in late June. Then I was busy and couldn't work on anything for the remainder of the summer. Therefore most of the work was done in the week before school started.

The transmission plates came out quickly, although one plate was trashed because the CNC's Y Axis glitched again. I ran out of delrin and was forced to make the second plate from polycarbonate.

Hopefully the rest of the parts come out as quickly as these.

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