Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Combat Robot Update

I tend to prioritize class work rather than my own projects, so I haven't made too much progress on the Mini Combat Robot. Hopefully I'll find the time to finish this project before the semester is over and I lose access to the nice CNC machines at school. 

The frame started to come together nicely. I quickly held the unfinished parts together with a few clamps just to see how the frame looked in person. I have quite a few 3D printed parts on the robot. These parts are low quality compared to nicely machined parts. I want to see the robot assembled as quickly as possible, so I decided to 3D print a number of non critical parts.. The 3D printed parts should hold up well enough to drive around , however almost all of them will need to be replaced before the robot goes into combat.

The 3D printed transmission mounts might stay... They seem to be strong enough to handle the torque output from the transmission. They're also green which matches the motor's color.

Here is right after I finished drilling and tapping all of the cross bars. this is the first time the robot has actually looked like the final product in the CAD. The robot uses "tank treads" which are made from timing belt. They took less space than wheels and seemed like a simpler, more reliable way to make the robot move.

These are all of the frame parts. Although they aren't the simplest shapes, they can all be made with a standard milling vise setup. They took longer to machine than I had estimated, but I guess that is always the case with machining. Cutting the 45 degree angles took some patience, but they shoud be worth it if there are any other robots with spinners. Hopefully the beveled edges will help the robot deflect any kind of spinner weapon.

This is the state of the robot for now. It is by no means ready for combat. It still needs a spinner, replacement parts for the currently 3D printed parts, electronics mounts, as well as top and bottom armor plates. I'll try to finish this project before the semester ends, but I can't make any promises...

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