Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guitar - New Project

Hey! It's a new project. Ok... I lied. I sorta played around with designing a guitar over a year ago. However I didn't get serious about it until now. I made a few pieces last summer to test a new vice I bought for my CNC.

I attempted to make the bridge for the guitar. The aluminum adjustment pieces turned out great. The prototype plastic bridge machined fine (except for a minor code error that cut through one corner). I didn't like the feel of the bridge, so I redesigned it. I probably won't be able to make any parts for a while until I get access to the large new CNC machines at school. 

Here's a few renders of different revisions of the guitar design:

The evolution of the design has made the parts machinable and the material affordable because I no longer need a 300 dollar billet of aluminum to make the body. The lightening pattern not only makes it look better in my opinion but it also drops the weight down to a normal-ish guitar. Oh... I'm not sure if I pointed out that the thing will be entirely made from metal. The majority will be aluminum, while the fret board and screws are stainless. I figured a stainless steel fret board would scratch less easily than an aluminum one.

Some key features to this current design are:
- Countersunk hex socket screws for fret markers. They also hold the fret board to the neck.
- A 3D profile machined neck.
- Interchangeable parts. If I decide the design sucks after I make the guitar, I only need to change some of the parts. The design is split into many different parts that bolt together, so I can always replace parts that don't perform the way I want them to perform or if they get damaged.

Hopefully I'll get this project machined in a timely manner unlike the long board.

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