Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mini Combat Robot Update... again

I decided to use my new 3D printer to solve any engineering problems with the mini combat robot. The first problem was making the motor controllers fit in the space I left for them.

Here is the motor controller mount as it came from the 3D printer. The part wasted a lot of material in the supports. I designed the part to fit the motor controllers perfectly into the robot frame. This part might be machinable, but I would avoid making this part if I didn't have a 3D printer.

The new motor controller mount allows me to fit the wires in to the available space. It may look messy, but I'm just happy I could make the motor controllers fit into the frame. I knew the motor controllers would fit into the frame, but I didn't account for the wires or connectors. These left the space a bit too cramped to properly mount any of the components. The new 3D printed mount allows me to securely mount the controllers without risking damage during combat matches.

The robot looks pretty slick. I was able to replace the old 3D printed parts either with properly machined components or parts printed with my new 3D printer.

This underside view of the robot shows how the motor controller fits into the robot. I still need to replace the top and bottom plates with real armor instead of thin acryllic.

I didn''t quite mange to finish the robot before losing machine shop access. I've been able to replace most of the poorly 3D printed parts with either higher quality plastic components or metal components, however there is still a fair amount left to finish the robot. The biggest thing the robot needs is a spinner.

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